Spa Treatments

Body Treatments

Pamper yourself Colorado-style in our deluxe spa suites featuring massage oils, body butters and scrubs created especially for Allegria Spa and handcrafted in Colorado by Buzz Products. Buzz products contain only pure ingredients and no fillers, artificial ingredients or artificial colors.

Body Polish

Chose an invigorating body polish to eliminate dry, itchy skin. All polishes are complete with a hydrating body butter application. Treatment is performed in a Vichy shower and available in a couple’s room. 

Choose from the following scents:

  • Lemongrass and Ginger For Normal to dry skin
  • Eucalyptus For Normal to dry skin
  • Wildflower For Normal to dry skin
  • Jasmine and Frangapani For Normal to dry skin
  • Sweet Lavender For All Skin Types
  • Cranberry Orange For All Skin Types
105 minutes         $265
75 minutes           $225
50 minutes           $160


Lemongrass Ginger Scrub & Thai Massage        
Reduces stress and improves Circulation               

105 minutes         $280
75 minutes           $225

An Invigorating body exfoliation with lemongrass, ground ginger, sea salt and basil begins this treatment. A rinse in a Swiss shower is followed by a Table Thai massage.

Signature Cures

A tradition of using water for healing.

COLORADO WILD ROSE CURE 2 hours 15 minutes $325
Deep relaxation, exfoliating, hydrating

Warm rose compresses calm the nervous system in preparation for rose oil and wildflower body scrub. A lavender bath of essential oils and flower petals follows. Relax with a full body massage using a rose geranium body butter. A calming body wrap sweetened with a foot scrub and scalp massage takes to you a state of complete relaxation.

GINGER PEACH CURE 1 hour 40 minutes $275
Balancing, gently exfoliating, hydrating

A blend of freshly ground ginger, orange peel, raw sugar, honey and Jojoba buffs skin before an invigorating Swiss shower rinse. The treatment continues with a full body massage, followed by a sumptuous wrap using a rich ginger butter. While wrapped in warm blankets, relax with a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.  

ARNICA SPORTS RELIEF CURE 1 hour 40 minutes $275
Sports relief

A bath infused with arnica, eucalyptus and juniper relieves sore and fatigued muscles. A therapeutic body massage follows incorporating hot stones and deep tissue work with a warm wintergreen butter. The treatment concludes with an Alpine Thermal wrap, neck and scalp massage.

The royal treatment!

1 hour 40 minutes $275
The Lulur is a royal body treatment designed to prepare Javanese princesses for their wedding day. Service begins with a purifying scrub of rice, jasmine, turmeric and spices. A honey yogurt application follows to nourish. Soak in a hot bath infused with jasmine and frangipani with cool violet compresses. A massage using a rich jasmine shea butter completes the bliss.

Body Scrubs

Alpine Thermal Wrap
Sports relief and detoxification

75 minutes           $235

A heated herbal pack eases muscle tension, aches and stress. Treatment includes hot stones and a deep, sports oriented full body massage with an arnica juniper wintergreen body butter.  Rest and relax in a warm body wrap that is complimented by a comforting neck and scalp massage.

New! Hungarian Stonecrop Body Peel &Wrap      
Exfoliation & Relaxation

105 minutes          $275
This treatment begins with a light effleurage application of a Yogurt Power Peel that will gently exfoliate and reveal glowing skin without the abrasiveness of a traditional body polish. An application of Stonecrop Mask is layered over the peel to brighten, nourish, and protect the skin.

75 minutes $225

Deep relaxation and detoxification
Unwind with a full body massage using hot stones, warm lavender and rose oils. Rest and relax in a warm body wrap while enjoying a comforting neck and scalp massage.